August 2013 | Computer Trick

How to turn on ur pc in just 10 seconds? | Computer Tips and Tricks | Computer Tricks and Tips

so u wanna know how to turn the pc
on in 10 seconds (may vary)
here’s what u have to do to turn ur
pc on in 10 seconds
Click on the start button then press
R it will take u to Run well go to run
n type Regedit
press enter
this will open Registery Editor
now look for the key
\Cur rentControlSet\Contr ol
now there find the Key Called
“Startup Delay”
Double Click On It
Now where its Base
Click Decimal
Now its Default Value Is 4800000
Change The Value To 40000
here u go u have done it
now close the Registery Editor and
Restart Your Computer
You’ll See The Result
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How to delete Undeletable virus file ? | Computer Tips and Tricks | Computer Tricks and Tips

1. Open Notepad.exe  file

2. Click File-->Save As-->

3. locate the folder where ur undeletable file is

4. Choose ‘All files’ from the file type box

5. click once on the file you want delete so its name appears in the ‘filename’ box

6. put a ” at the start and end of the filename
(the filename should have the extension of the undeletable file so it will overwrite it)

7. Cick save,

It should ask u to overwrite the existing file, choose yes and u can delete it as normal 
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How to Recover Disabled Facebook Account | Computer Tips and Tricks | Computer Tricks and Tips

facebook registered accounts and billions of millions of people, friends, connect with family and find new friends open their account daily.

Your Facebook account is disabled, do you know why?

If you break the terms and conditions of Facebook with a fake name to create the account name and the FB will disable the account. Here are some key reasons why Cyber ​​Elite disable the Facebook account is listed.

1.Having more than 1 account.

2.Spamming on groups/pages.

3.Fake information on your profile.

4.If you receive multiple reports from facebookers/friends.

How to restore your FB Account?

To Enable your account you need your passport or driving licence (DL). In appeal form you should upload your scanned passport copy or DL.

1.Go to this link :-

2.Click on Yes button, And fill your full name, email id and date of birth.

3.And Upload your scanned color copy of ID. (passport or DL)

4.Click on Send button.

5. You Are Done Enjoy your recovered Account
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Someone from their own number [Not Free] Call | Computer Tips and Tricks | Computer Tricks and Tips

Someone from their own number [Not Free] Call
Free Call

1. visit and register there for free account.

2. During registration, "Phone number" field, remember to put the victim's mobile number.

3.Complete registration and confirm your email id and then login to your account.
"Direct WebCall" click.

4.You will arrive at page shown below. Box "Enter a number in", choose your country
And also any mobile number (you can enter yours)

6. Now, just "call now" on the hit
With the same number button to call your friend.

7. That's it. Your friends will be shocked to see his own number calling him

[You can change the number of victims for a second]
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Rotate screen | Computer Tips and Tricks | Computer Tricks and Tips

Rotate screen

hiiiiiii friends if you can rotate screen in monitor. it is very simple

Now you can rotate ur pc screen to degree!
Press CTRL+ALT+Arrow key. To revert do the same.
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Fix Memory Card formatting problem | Computer Tips and Tricks | Computer Tricks and Tips

How to fix Memory Card formatting problem ?
Some times our Memory Cards stop working after wehave formatted them
from our Computer and not from mobile. If you read user manual of your
Mobile you will find a warning message asking you not to format phone
memory of your mobile and memory card from computer, you should use
Memory Card use FAT16(FAT) file system and through your computer you
can format it into only FAT32 and NTFS file system and if you format
it with any of these two file system then your memory card will stop
working in your mobile phone.
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DIFFERENT FILE FORMAT | Computer Tips and Tricks | Computer Tricks and Tips



.txt Plain Text File
.doc Microsoft Word Document
.docx Microsoft Word Open XML Document
.msg Outlook Mail Message
.wps Microsoft Word Processor Document
.tex LaTex Source Document
.rtf Rich Text File
.log Log File
.pages Pages Document
.odt Open Document Text Document
.wpd Word Perfect Document


.wma Windows Media Audio File
.wav WAVE Audio File
.mid MIDI File
.mp3 MP3 Audio File
.mpa MPEG-2 Audio File
.m4a MPEG-4 Audio File
.m3u Media Playlist File
.iff Interchange File Format
.aif Audio Interchange File Format
.ra Real Audio File


.3gp 3GPP Multimedia File
.3g2 3GPP2 Multimedia File
.wmv Windows Media Video File
.swf Shockwave Flash Movie
.srt SubRip Subtitle File
.rm Real Media File
.mov Apple QuickTime Movie
.mp4 MPEG-4 Video File
.mpg MPEG Video File
.flv Flash Video File
.avi Audio Video Interleave File
.asf Advanced System File
.asx Microsoft ASF Redirector File
.vob DVD Video Object File


.bmp Bitmap File
.dds DirectDraw Surface
.dng Digital negative Image File
.gif Graphical Interchange File Format
.jpg JPEG Image
.png Portable Network Graphic
.psd Adobe Photoshop Document
.pspimage PaintShop Pro Image
.tga Targa Graphics
.thm Thumbnail Image File
.tif Tagged Image File
.yuv YUV Encoded Image File


.3dm Rhino 3D Model
.3ds 3D Studio Scene
.max 3ds Max Scene File
.obj WaveFront 3D Object File


.apk Android Package File
.app Mac OS X Application
.bat DOS Batch File
.cgi Common Gateway Interface Script
.com DOS Command File
.exe Windows Executable File
.gadget Window Gadget
.jar Java Archive File
.pif Program Information File
.vb VBScript File
.wsf Windows Script File


.asp Active Server Pages
.aspx Active Server Pages Extended
.cer Internet security File
.cfm ColdFusion Markup File
.csr Certificate Signing Request File
.css Cascading Style Sheet
.html HyperText Markup Language
.js JavaScript File
.jsp Java Server Pages
.php PHP source Code File
.rss Rich Site Summary
.xhtml Extended HyperText Markup Language


.7z 7-zip Compressed File
.cbr Comic Book RAR Archive
.deb Debian Software Package
.gz Gnu Zipped Archive
.pkg Mac OS X Installer Package
.rar WinRAR Compressed Archive
.rpm Red Hat Package Manager File
.sit Stufflt Archive
.sitx Stufflt X Archieve
.tar.gz Compressed Tarball File
.zip Zipped File
.zipx Extended Zipped File
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