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Android Tips & Tricks

1. Additional WI-Fi settings

            Wi-Fi settings menu, hit menu>Advance Settings to upgrade to get your MAC and IP addresses. It is also the place where you sleep WI - Fi (the point where it switches back to 3G) policy change.

2. More camera options

             In the small kitchen timer icon Camera app hides a lot of options: metering mode, ISO,color effects ... It is not only the focus and exposure settings!

3. More battery graph

          Losing your phone battery for a detailed analysis, go to Settings> About phone> Batteryuse and tap the graph at the top of the screen. The screen that appears phone signal strength,Wi - Fi connection, sleeping position and the last time the phone was charged 100% of the charging status is a visual time.

If you are running low on battery faster for you, for us to improve your phone's battery life is expected to take a look at how the article.

4. Access your contacts on computer

Assuming you have a Google account associated with your phone, you / contacts of your contacts to their phone number, email address, and any other information about them you can see.
(It came in handy when I had to repair my phone for a few days - ed.)

5. Silent Ringer

When someone calls, you hang or accept calls without pressing the volume rocker can mute the call ringer.HTC handset, you Settings> Sound & display shell and enable "Quiet ring on pickup" to make up for it as soon as you can take it to fade.

6. Easily create folders

Any home screen, drag and drop an app on top of another to create a folder. To rename a folder, tap it, then tap the name.

7. Resize your widget

Widgets that support resizing, you can press on your home screen widget to control long-appear, drag to change the width and height.

8. Transit Navigation

Adds support for Transit Navigation public transport: buses, trains, and so on. It not only tells you which routes to take, it also alerts you when it's time to get off at the next stop.

9. Share your location

Map (top right of this button you can pan the view) Tap on your location, the "My Places" hit the popup that appears. From here, you can SMS, facebook email or any other method through share menu space for other people, you can send.

10. Google Maps

Google Maps is one of Android killer apps. It is very good on the surface, but even better if you know a bit more about it.