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Samsung and IBM to launch with BlackBerry 'Sekyutablet'

Samsung and IBM to launch with BlackBerry 'Sekyutablet'
The two largest mobile company Blackberry, Samsung and IBM have launched a tablet with high-security. Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.5 is based on Sekyutablet and Blackberry unit Sekyusmart Tech Fair in Germany "civet 2015" was introduced.
Gadget World's three largest companies Samsung, Blackberry and IBM together with the tablet "SECURITIES tablet's built. In fact, the tablet is designed for SECURITIES smart company, which was bought last year by Blackberry. Read more Tricks Computer Tricks

Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet features such as SECURITIES S10.5. The company's high-grade communications suite also features Smart SECURITIES were entered. If no malware is installed in the device sensitive data will remain safe in the tab. This technology has been added by IBM.
The tab can benefit from all three companies. Especially, Samsung was the company's number one mobile behind the recent Apple has said. The BlackBerry and Samsung with IBM would benefit from.Read more Gadgets Computer Tweaks and Tricks


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