What is laptop Computer? | About Laptop Computer

What is laptop Computer? | About Laptop Computer

Definition: A laptop computer is a portable personal computer, light and small enough to sit on a person's lap. A laptop computer can be powered by batteries or plugged into the wall. The main utility of a laptop computer that it is a person to travel with their computing resources allows.

A laptop computer also called  notebook.computer is a battery- or AC-powered personal computer generally smaller than a briefcase that can easily be transported and conveniently used in temporary spaces such as on airplanes, in libraries, temporary offices, and at meetings.A laptop typically weighs less than 5 pounds and is 3 inches or less in thickness. Among the most famous manufacturers of laptop computers are IBM, Apple, Compaq, Dell, and Toshiba are.Read more Tricks at Computer Tweaks and Tricks

Laptop computers generally cost more than desktop computers with the same capabilities because they are more difficult to design and manufacture. Effectively a laptop docking station, a hardware frame peripheral such as a printer or larger monitor input / output connection with the supply of equipment to be turned into a desktop computer. Less capable port replicator laptop peripherals through a single plug to connect to a number of permits.

Laptops usually displays that come with using thin-screen technology. The thin film transistor or active matrix screen is bright and STN or dual-scan screen at different angles than better idea. Laptop keyboard several different approaches for integrating a mouse touch pad, trackball, and the pointing stick, including the use. Attached to a serial port also allows a regular mouse. PC card modem or network interface card to connect a laptop to the insertable hardware. CD-ROM and digital versatile disc drives may be built in or attachable.

What is Computer Tablet? | About Computer Tablet

What is  Computer Tablet? | About Computer Tablet

What is Computer Tablet? | About Computer Tablet

Tablet computers have made tremendous progress in the last few years.are using.

Tablets vary according to their power and operating system. Like Intel ® Atom ™ processors provide the power for much of the current generation of tablets, and tablets, including Motorola Xoom * Dual-core processor and Asus Eee Transformer *.Read more Tricks at Computer Tweaks and Tricks

Tablet operating system.A good operating system is an important part of a tablet computer.

* Google's popular tablet operating system, Windows 7 Mobile version * and XP *, and * Android Honeycomb OS * version of the Apple iPad offers. All of these operating systems all feature different advantages and disadvantages and proprietary app store, which has expanded the capabilities of tablets.

Apps Sports equipment for specific word processors and includes everything. Generally, touchscreen tablet apps to use the experience that a user can not get to a typical computer.

Keyboard and docks. However, there are quite a few situations in addition to a tablet with a keyboard or keyboard-equipped docking station can benefit. Although it is possible to type a bullet in the face of an attached keyboard can make this process much easier.

Asus Eee Transformer tablets like the optional keyboard docking station with built-in extra costs, but basically a netbook tablet can turn into a full-featured. Apple also sells the iPad for use with an optional keyboard.

Camera. Most of the current generation tablets also have front and rear facing cameras. These cameras make it easy to use video conferencing apps and have to take a quick Hi-Res photos. Another way is that the pills is different from traditional computers. Since they are flat and portable, the camera can be a great feature.

The new tablets critical power and take advantage of the many apps that power. They are ideal for browsing the web, reading an eBook, or to play games. A casual type of computer tablets, although they are commercial applications (especially doctors and lawyers) for.

What is Pc Tablet? | About PC Tablet

What is PC Tablet? | About PC Tablet

A tablet PC is a wireless, portable personal computer with a touch screen interface. Tablet form factor is usually smaller than a laptop but bigger than a smartphone.

The most common type of slate style Tablet or Apple iPad is like Microsoft's Surface. These tools, which are what most people mean when they refer to a tablet - touch screen integrated electronics unit and the lack of a hardware keyboard. However, external keyboards are available for slate-style tablets. Some keyboards also serve as tools for the docks.Read more Tricks at Computer Tweaks and Tricks

Other styles of tablets:

PC Tablet

What is PC Tablet? | About PC Tablet

A convertible tablet has a display that rotates 180 degrees and is usually close to the screen on the integrated keyboard that can be folded. Also convertible model hardware keyboard user input through a variety of methods and a stylus or digital pen software-based keyboard through the screen, including typing may allow natural handwriting.

A hybrid tablet, sometimes known as a convertible or hybrid notebook, like a regular notebook, but a removable display that functions independently as a slate together.
A rugged slate tablet a model like that rough handling and is designed to withstand extreme conditions. Rugged tablets are usually encased in a protective shell and shock-protected hard drive.
The idea of ​​tablet computing is generally Alan Kay of Xerox, who sketched out in 1971 is credited to consider. The first widely sold tablet computer Apple Computer Newton, who was not a commercial success. Battery life, display resolution, handwriting recognition software, larger memory, and wireless Internet access computing a viable alternative to the technological advances made since the tablets.

Resonance charging, ultra-mobile personal computer (UMPC or Ultra Mobile PC), predictive text, touch pad (touchpad), 2 iPad, iPhone, phablet, iPad, Zip drives, digital pen: RELATED GLOSSARY TERMS

What is mini computer? | About mini Computer

What is mini computer? | About mini Computer

A Mini computer main frame computer work station which is found between computers.The size of the computer can support a large range of people. People who can use mini-computers at the same time the total number of users are 4-400.

Other differences that exist between mini computer that has its own different types of computer hardware and software. Minicomputer operating systems unit of time is different, it really is a big difference between all other computers and mini computers. Minicomputer invention that was replaced in the second generation of computers. Between the computer that was used in the first level of the micro-computer.In ancient times, the minicomputers were referred to as stand-alone computer.

Read more Tricks at Computer Tweaks and Tricks

 Mini Computer

About mini Computer

What is desktop computer? | About desktop Computer

What is Desktop computer? | About Desktop Computer

A desktop computer is a personal computer designed to be used on a table. The two large mainframe computers, which were never meant to be used on a table and a portable computer or laptop, meaning easily be moved around from one place to another is the opposite. Basically, a desktop computer, a computer was seen as a much smaller version, as the majority of the computer requires a great deal of space. These days, desktop computers, computer large end of the spectrum is seen as being incredibly small computers.Read more Tricks at Computer Tweaks and Tricks

Traditionally for desktop computers may be considered to be a fairly typical layout. Computers are most of the types of computer components, CPU, hard disk, and RAM is the same case as that used to sit on a desktop within horizontal. A monitor sits on top of the desktop computer case, and attach it to an external mouse and keyboard.

Later, as the desktop computer tower desktop computer has become dominant.Towers typically have more space, allowing for many bays for hard drives and do things like media drives.

What is Desktop computer?

What is Computer ? | About Computer

What is Computer ? | About Computer

What is Computer ? | About Computer

Definition of Computer: Computer is an electronic device that works with computer Information.The Latin word 'computare', calculate.Computer derived by this means can not do anything without a Program.it decimal number through Hadviadhari designed to represent a string of digits. Word 'Computer'usually Center Processor Unit Plus refers to the internal memory.

 Both numerical and non-numerical procedure it is a modern digital computer (arithmetic and logical) calculations.The basic components: input devices, output devices, central processor. A typical modern computer uses LSI chips.

Charles Babbage computer.The first mechanical computer designed by Charles Babbage "Grand Father" is called the Analytically Engine was called. Punch card as read-only memory it uses.

Other Definition:

 Today, however, the term desktop and laptop computers that most people use most often to be mentioned. No keyboard, monitor, and mouse - when referring to a desktop model, the term "computer" technically refers only to the computer. However, it is acceptable to refer to everything as the computer together. If you really want to get technical, the box that holds computer "system unit." Called

A personal computer (or PC), the major parts of the motherboard, CPU, memory (or RAM), hard drive, and video card. While personal computers today by far the most common type of computer, there are many other types of computers. For example, a "mini" is a powerful computer that can support many users at once. A "mainframe" is a large, high-powered computer at a time can perform billions of calculations from multiple sources....

Computers Simplified
For beginning computer users, the computer aisles at an electronics store can be quite a mystery, not to mention overwhelming. However, computers really aren't that mysterious. All types of computers consist of two basic parts:

Hardware is any part of your computer that has a physical structure, such as the computer monitor or keyboard.
Software is any set of instructions that tells the hardware what to do. It is what guides the hardware and tells it how to accomplish each task. Some examples of software are web browsers, games, and word processors such as Microsoft Word.

A motherboard (hardware)

Microsoft Word (software)
Anything you buy for your computer can be classified as either hardware or software. Once you learn more about these items, computers are actually very straightforward.

The first electronic computer, the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC), was developed in 1946. It took up 1,800 square feet and weighed 30 tons.

Input (data):

Raw input device to input the information into a computer. The letters, numbers, images, etc. is a collection of


The process according to the instructions given in the operation of the data. The computer system is completely internal process.


Output data processing data processing given by the computer. Output is also called as a result. Storage devices for use in the future we can save these results.

Fast Run computer 10 Tips | Computer Tips

Fast Run computer 10 Tips | Computer Tips

Fast Run Computer Tips

Computer Tips # 1: Turn off anti-virus (firewall on the left)

However, make sure that you do not turn your firewall, you can disable your anti-virus. Firewalls use much less computer processing power, but you can protect against Internet threats are coming from.

Make sure you no longer need the extra speed you turn your back on the anti-virus.

Computer Tips # 2: plug in laptops

All laptop computers manufactured in the last 10 years, slowing down the processor when you do not seem to be using their batteries last longer. To prolong battery life, this works great, it means that your laptop runs slower when it runs off the battery.Read more Tricks at Computer Tweaks and Tricks

Computer Tips # 3: Close unnecessary programs

Right now my computer says that 198 programs running, but it is a lie. Computer in your computer only one time for each computer processor can run a program. My computer has only one processor, it can run only one program.

Computer programs thousands of times faster than humans can experience by switching between running to hide this secret. They switch between programs so quickly that the computer processor time is measured in nanoseconds.

Closing unnecessary programs can easily double the speed of an overloaded computer.

Computer Tips # 4: Add Memory

There is really only one way to quickly get your computer running faster hardware.

It may be that you can upgrade the processor in the computer, but these days that is mostly wasted effort. Only three pieces of hardware in your computer that you can affect the performance of your disk drive, graphics card, and memory upgrade.

Super fast disk drives are expensive and most users will not help. Fast graphics card is only playing those games or 3D rendering help. But can anyone help a memory upgrade.

There are a lot of things to consider before you install new memory in your computer are.

Computer Tips # 5: Defragment

It was a huge mess to?

Fortunately, cleaning your Sncikaprnali a lot easier than cleaning your childhood bedroom. Just go to Control Panel and start Defragmentor. Of course we have to mention it in our computer maintenance checklist. This is the first time for a few hours each month will it take to run, then you probably have to let it run overnight.

Computer Tips # 6: unplug unused equipment

For most devices seem to sit idle. For example, my scanner is nothing most of the day.

Most devices like unplugging my scanner will not give you a noticeable speed boost. But some devices defective (or faulty wire) to your computer and send messages to hundreds or thousands every minute, and that does take a lot of processing power.

Unfortunately, you usually can not identify these faulty devices just by looking at them. Equipment for testing whether you unplug your computer runs faster and needs.

Computer Tips # 7: reinstall windows

Many system administrators got into the habit of reinstalling Windows 95 or 98 every year because they fill with crud and to slow down to a crawl.

may have to be reinstalled. Just remember to make everything through a backup first. This is where an external harddrive comes in handy, but always double check before deleting the files are copied to the new drive!

Computer Tips # 8: Cool CPU

travel. This means that your computer hardware needs to send instructions several times before they can be. And, if your computer gets too hot, it automatically closes, which is the ultimate slow.

To keep your computer cool. First, if possible, make sure that you have a room where the temperature above 90 Fahrenheit (32 Celsius) is not about to go to the can. Second, make sure you clean the dust (twice a year if someone smokes near your computer) to your computer about once a year. Dust helps trap heat in your computer, causing it to overheat.

see the cover. Fans and power supplies (where the power cord plugs into your computer) to give special attention to the CPU fan above.

Computer Tips # 9: CPU clock more

Some computer processors can be modified to run faster than normal, which is called over-clocking. Your computer run faster over-clocking, but also increase the processor generates heat in sensitive areas, increasing the chance that it will be burning yourself out. Over - clocking is used on the older machines you can lose.

Over - clocking for a long time can be set. Instructions for clocking the processor over to different processors, so we can not include any special instructions here. We can include a warning: watch over you to destroy your computer processors are not ready.

Computer Tips # 10: Use a different user

You can create user accounts for different specific tasks, like gaming.

To protect your computer download this article as a PDF file. Speed ​​your computer FREE report

Software to make your computer run faster

To make your computer run faster, trying to manually can take a serious amount of time. I already have a computer maintenance video I made that turned out to be a very long and boring has proved it! So to use software to make your computer run faster is a smart idea.

To help speed up your computer is the most famous software PC Pitstop PC Matic. The software:

Accelerate downloads
High Risk Security Test
Malware detection
Remove junk files and Craplets
Top Speed ​​TweakInternet Settings
Eliminate registry errors
Active Malware Protection
Hard Drive Defrag and Optimization
Automatic Driver Updates and Enhancements
Report detailed system specs
Your PC Ranking Worldwide
User Satisfaction Report

Secure Password 5 tips | Password Tips

Secure Password 5 tips | Password Tips

Here are five simple tips that will help protect your online accounts

Secure password

1. Use strong passwords

That's why it's so important to have a unique password for each of your accounts. Creating strong passwords is easy enough - just letters, numbers and symbols that need to press the Shift key to remember combine. It is also a good idea to change your password once in a while, like every two months.

If your computer is infected with a keylogger, hacker type, including your password, will have access to everything. Will help to protect your computer. You can also use strong passwords to help protect your home wireless connection.Read more Tricks at Computer Tweaks and Tricks

2. Protect your computer

Protecting your computer is an important part of securing your online accounts. The concrete security software to your online accounts and other sensitive data, prevent hackers from accessing more advanced needs. There are many security suites available today, both paid and free. As a rule, it is best antimalware and anti-virus application installed on your computer, for example, a couple of different security programs. Also, it's always good to replace Windows Firewall with a more advanced one. Remember that two anti-virus programs installed at the same time, because they may conflict with each other. Update your security software and scan your computer daily to weekly to make sure there is no infection. Protect your computer, your online accounts as they both rely on each other to protect the security.

3. Keep an eye on running processes

Whether visible or hidden each program, a process that is displayed in the Windows Task Manager launches. So if you think your computer is infected, you should check running processes. It's also good for running on a regular basis to monitor processes.

Windows 7 is a very good task manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open it), but it's still free Sysinternal Auslogics Task Manager or Process Explorer as a third-party application is the best to use. These programs provide more information than the built-in task manager and malware can help nip in the bud.

Windows processes such as svchost.exe and lsass.exe the infection itself, as a habit of masking. So it is always good to Fileinspet.com, a Windows process library to check your processes, and check their way.

4. Download with care

You download from the internet like free stuff? I'm sure you do. Download free stuff but sometimes can be dangerous. While a lot of free downloads are perfectly fine and come from legitimate sources, many are infected. They wreak their computer and are designed to steal your data. To download anything that looks suspicious and never stick to legitimate free download this software, songs, or videos.

5. Be careful when using unsecured public networks

We all cafes and libraries, free Wi - Fi love using. While they are very good for web browsing and reading news, it's a good idea to get them online banking, shopping and sometimes do not have access to the email.That is why you always need to take extra care and watch out for any strange activity.

These tips will help you stay safe, but also remember to use your common sense and look out for anything suspicious.

Author Bio: Guest Post by Liz Cornwell. Liz Cornwell is an experienced writer who currently works for Auslogics Software. Auslogics speed up your slow computer to clean and makes the software.

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